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Hi there, I’m Chloe, I’m 22 and I have been doing taxidermy for about 8 years.

My passion is creating art by preserving animals in unique poses.
I can offer the option of Anthropomorphic poses or natural poses.

I use animals that have died from either being road victims, caught by cats, natural causes or animal feed.

Thank you 🖤

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🖤 Miss Quirky-dermy 🖤

Beautiful Taxidermy Anthropomorphic Rats

Hi there, here for sale is this stunning little pair of taxidermy rats. This piece is called, 'Daddy's lil Critter'. 💖 Much time goes into making these taxidermy art pieces hence their price. Each one is uniquely and professionally made 💖 Made by me, Miss Quirky-dermy 🖤 Could make that perfect prezzy for Dad 🎁 Meassurements: height (longest point) 26.5cm, width 19.5cm, depth just under 10cm I found inspiration from dads putting their children on their shoulders and how exiting that is for a child to do. So I made them with big smiles in attempt to portray that. Large grey and white rat secured to base with a brown baby rat attached to his shoulders. The large rat is missing a finger (toe front right foot) and has been disguised as a paw pad instead (see photos). Can be displayed on shelf or hung up by two screws. *Note: be careful when displaying your taxidermy as they can be knocked over and easily damaged, animals have been known to attack taxidermy and this is not a toy and shouldn't be played with* Many thanks 🖤

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