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Cat Hamper

A range of handmade and handpicked products for your furry friends. Treats: 1. Catnip Tuna Biscuits (20 Biscuits) 2. Catnip Chicken Biscuits (20 Biscuits) 3. Salmon Treat Bites (Roughly 23g) 4. Cheese and Chicken Treat Bites (Roughly 23g) 5. Cod mini sticks (15g) 6. Catnip (6g) Toys: 1. 2X Mouse 2. Rattle Ball 3. Ball with Feathers 4. 5X Twists (They're free) 5. Cat Wand 6. Catnip Pillow Kicker Colours may vary After Purchase please send us your phone number and email as we send your parcel tracked.

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