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I sell an ingenious walking stick holder which allows you to take your walking stick/crutch anywhere without it falling on germ ridden floors. Amazon reviews to the walking stick holder have been amazing. I also sell 100% silk gloves to wear under normal gloves to extra warmth and comfort.

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Stick Safe

Stop Your Stick From Falling With Stick Safe - No More Tripping Hazards - No More Bending To Pick It Up Lightweight And Incredibly Easy To Use In Almost Any Situation. Soft Grippy Non Marking Rubber Which Can Bend And Twist To Fit Any Stick, Crutch Or Cane. Easy To Use With Wet Or Restricted Hand Movements Strong Enough To Hold The Heaviest of Sticks And Canes - Mobility Made Easier

100% Silk Gloves

100% Silk - Smooth, soft, comfortable, lightweight with a long cuff for your wrist, with natural stretch for a perfect fit. Ideal for, Dog Walking, Skiing, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Football, Running, Hunting and perfect as a liner glove under gardening gloves, motorcycle gloves or work gloves. Ideal for working on a computer in cold offices Naturally hypoallergenic, giving relief from skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and can help with Raynaud's Disease Size Medium. The natural stretch of silk means that these gloves will fit a medium womans hands to a medium mans hands. The measurements are 8" - 9" from the tip of the longest finger to the wrist. Machine washable at 30 degrees, air dry.

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