About Click2Treat

At click 2 treat we have been in the pet industry for over 15 years, during that time we found it
increasingly difficult to find quality natural treats that can safely be given to your beloved pets,
most are foreign imports lacking quality and reliability.
Well look no further, we have compiled three of our best-selling box’s that are now available to
buy directly from us. (more coming soon!)

Do you struggle to find a pet shop that sells amazing quality natural treats?
Are you worried about going out in these uncertain times?
Are you uneasy about giving your loved pet imported Chinese treats?
Do you even know where the treats are from?
Simply wish to have a wide selection in one pack?

Then give your dog this amazing treat box,
All contents are 100% natural, 100% British made, High in protein, contains no artificial
flavourings or preservatives and more importantly 100% tasty!!!
Your parcel will be delivered by royal mail through your letterbox for your convenience
(mixed grill and Feast box only)
For the Mighty Munch Box, this will be delivered by Hermes as it’s so huge it won’t fit through your
All orders dispatched the same day if ordered before 1 pm.

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Feast Box

2 x Rabbit Ears 1 x Tripe Stick 1 x Petaroni Stick 1 x Turkey & Ham Stick 3 x Sausages 4 x Black Puddings 2 x Chicken Feet 1 x Duck Wing 2 x Meat Burgers 1 x Liver Jerky Buffalo Lung Biltong Bag of Sprats

Mighty Munchy Box

2 x Buffalo Ears 2 x Rabbit Ears 4 x Salmon Grills 4 x Lamb Grills 4 x Duck Grills 2 x Tripe Sticks 2 x Petaroni Sticks 2 x Turkey & Ham Sticks 4 x Sausages 4 x Black Puddings 4 x Chicken Feet 2 x Duck Wings Bag of Sprats

Mixed Grill Box

2 x Biltong 2 x Salmon Grills 2 x Duck Grills 2 x Lamb Grills 3 x Burgers 3 x Sausages 3 x Black Puds

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