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Handcrafted Rustic Wood Home Accents
In The Heart Of Cornwall A High Precision Aerospace Engineer Turns To Handcrafting Wood
Cornish Rustic Crafts was officially started on 1st August 2020
With the Covid 19 Pandemic hitting all parts of the UK in the early part of 2020 Ian found himself without employment. For the first time in his life he was made redundant from a large Aerospace Company. Already producing handmade wooden crafts for his family as a hobby, he turned his passion for woodwork it into a business.
Ian was brought up on a farm, with his grandfather showing him the ropes of agriculture but at the age of 16 he was offered an apprenticeship at a local precision engineering company. He enrolled and for the next 5 years spent learning the ropes and going to college 1 day a week. He achieved a HNC certificate in Mechanical and Production Engineering and was classed as a skilled employee.
The engineering skills that he picked up helped improve all aspects of manufacture including working with wood and with the aid of his grandfather he was producing items on the farm for various uses at home.
Years have passed and nowadays Ian enjoys designing projects and manufacturing them. He is more comfortable getting his hands dirty and crafting eye catching wooden products rather than sitting in front of a computer.
Cornish Rustic Crafts utilizes reclaimed wooden timber and transforms it into idyllic home pieces. Ian has the attitude that anything can be crafted with a little bit of thought and design.

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Cornish Rustic Crafts

Rustic Scaffold Board Wall Shelf, Heavy Duty Steel Bracket Shelving, Reclaimed Wooden Shelf Accessory Holder

Handcrafted rustic scaffold board wall shelf with heavy duty steel brackets handcrafted from reclaimed wood. These are OUTSTANDING and IDYLLIC for any room. From the living room to the nursery they will hold your favourite pictures, nick nacks and keepsakes! Elegantly handcrafted from reclaimed scaffold boards that would usually go onto the open fire. Each shelf is individually handmade and goes through a rigorous process to ensure only the best quality is achieved. SPECIFICATIONS ____________________ • Each shelf comes with a FREE Pair of Heavy Duty Rustic Down brackets and fixings • Please let me know if you have a plasterboard wall and I will change the fittings • More colours and stains available just message for a different colour Every Shelf is different and a photograph is sent prior to delivery to ensure approval

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