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This independent pottery runs workshops & classes, i create functional and non functional ceramics which cannot be found on the high street. Inspired by the coast my work depicts an aesthetic response to its individuality. An array of many hand built and some thrown work. Colourful glazing is just as important, decoration can be quirky.

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Crank Pots

A set of four coasters

A set of four hand crafted coasters, coloured slips to create design, covered with a clear galze to seal. Backed to stop surface damage.
Crank Pots

Poppy Red Pendant

Hand crafted pendant with a red glaze, has a white textured glaze then clear glazed to seal. The split ring allows you to swap onto other torques. Best worn on a torque as its design will sit comfortably on your chest area.
Crank Pots

Lemon Popsicle Plate

This white ceramic plate has a centre piece that has molten yellow coloured dichoric glass, a clear galze applied to seal the surface. Food Safe
Crank Pots

Hot Lips Coaster

Show someone you love them! this pale blue hand crafter coaster with a clear glaze to seal. The back has been covered with a soft felt/

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