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I hand make personalised gifts ranging from clothing items to glassware/ decorative photo frames. All items are designed and made to order with you so that you get exactly what you want.

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Creations By Katy

Personalised Tote Bag

Tote bag with Leather strap. Images and text can be customised-this is just an example of a popular design. For these totes I use Infusible Ink which infuses into the material and stretches/moves with it.
Creations By Katy

Personalised Wine Glass

Wine glass with personalised decal. These decals are 100% customisable for image and text, ad there is a wide range of colour available. There are also options for glass type, mugs and flasks.
Creations By Katy

Personalised Face Mask

Face Mask with personalised text. The text is made with flexible heat transfer material so stretches and moves with the face mask. Text is 100% customisable and there is a wide variety of colours available for both the facemark and of the text.
Creations By Katy

Personalised Shadow Frame

Personalised shadow frame. The image and text are customisable. These can be made as a gift for a special occasion, or to display a favourite quote a family tree. I am open to design new items if you have something particular in mind.

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