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Here at Diddly Do Designs we love making lots of different items to help you complete your day in a happy mood and even help you out your eco path.

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Diddly do Designs

Coffee Cup Cosy

Give your travel mug a hug! Why not brighten up your morning cuppa? Our crocheted cup cosy is made from variegated wool.It is fully washable and has a cute colourful butterfly. All colours are random. #giveyourtravelmugahug
Diddly do Designs

Washable Reusable Face wipes

With a super soft bamboo towelling back and an ample 3 inch square base, our face wipes are set to get rid of all the grime of the day. Each set is made up of 4 matching wipes and a handy washing pouch so you can pop them in the wash with no worry about losing them like those socks! We recommend you wash at 30 degrees celsius.

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