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Small 3d printing business. Located in Ilkeston. Range of items made from geese key holders to ducks to personalised lithophanes

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Ey Up Mi Ducks

Geese key holder

With the installed magnet, he will happily hold a key or more depending on balance. Available in 3 sizes(Large goose available on other listing) , he will be dispatched with his feet separate to ensure there are no breakages(they just simply slot in) As it a handmade item, please accept that there may be some minor blemishes on the goose. You may need to apply a small amount of bluetack to your goose's feet to help him stand up, dependant on the surface you put him on. He will come with the red ribbon as standard unless you add a note asking for it not to be. It is easily removable anyway. These can be made in any height up to 25cm, please contact me for a personalised quote.

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