About FM by Esther

I sell fragrances inspired by your favourites.. Everyone always asks, are these fakes? Are these copies? Well here is the answer!!!

WE DO NOT SELL FAKES WE DO NOT SELL COPIES as the fragrances are nothing but numbers on big vats… Drom is a company that makes all the scents and the company’s such as Dior etc go around and sniff out the ones they want to put their name to, they tweak the scent with a dominant oil they like and then put their name to it. F.M are not fakes and are not copies and in fact….often last longer as they contain more oil than standard perfumes.!!

So whats stopping you from giving us a try? Everyone was afraid to give Aldi a try at first because everyone was a brand snob until they realised the products were just as good, but because they dont use fancy packaging and advertising like us, they could keep their prices low, which has made them one of the leading supermarkets in the country 🙂

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