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“GeoSmartPro Ltd. is a London-based startup manufacturing smart home products, like their latest product, the AirGo Smart Fan. All products can be controlled via the GeoSmartPro App, allowing you to connect to your home seamlessly.”

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AirGo Smart Fan

Introducing AirGo Smart Fan - UK's first smart pedestal fan - awarded by Quiet Mark as one of the quietest fans on the market. -Control: Total control via your GeoSmartPro app from anywhere. Compatible with both iOS and Android, customise your preferences and make your fan come to life, fitting seamlessly into your home. -Voice command: Connect your AirGo Smart Fan to your favourite voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. -App Automation: Automate your fan’s actions and triggers to suit your preferences. For example, set your AirGoSmart Fan to turn on when the temperature in your area goes beyond your set degree, keeping you cool throughout the night without having to wake up. -Schedule: Set your preferred schedule, to suit your daily routine. Such as setting a schedule to turn on your AirGo Smart Fan every night at 10pm-6am at Night Mode in your bedroom or have it set at Nature Mode to suit your gym time everyday while you run on the treadmill. The possibilities are endless. -Timer: Set your timer for up to 8 hours. -Mode: Choose between different airflow modes. -Speed: A powerful and quiet 55W smart fan that allows you to choose between Low, Medium and High setting.

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