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2016 – The Hair Made Easi journey has been an exciting one so far. Our founder, Nicola Wood, is a Manchester based businesswoman who has been passionate about hairdressing since she can remember. As a hair extension specialist, she was finding it time consuming, stressful and sometimes frustrating working alone.
Nicola decided that the hairdressing industry needed a hair extension holder to help her fellow hair extension specialists. Her dream was to create products that would change the way hairdressers work and develop a brand that would become recognised worldwide.
This was the light bulb moment! There were millions of people in the same boat as she was! This was when the Easiweft was born. She set to finding a local product designer and local manufacturer and with months of hard work and determination, the Hair Made Easi dream became a reality
2018 – After two years of expanding her business knowledge, Nicola applied for Dragon’s Den. The feedback after her pitch was that they loved the product and Deborah Meaden and Jenny Campbell found it relatable to their hair extension dilemmas at home. Whilst surprisingly Peter Jones showed his hair extension business knowledge as well as reminiscing about the other hair brand as “the one that got away. (Tangle Teezer)”
dragons den
Since filming, the process has had a very positive impact on Nicola to extend her business further. “It was one of those moments that changes you! Who I was then and who I am now, are very different people.”
2019 – Saw the launch of 4 new revolutionary products, The Easibond, The Easitint, The Easiloop and The Easigrip. The response has been phenomenal! Sales have spread across the globe and feed back includes comments like, “game changers” and “life saver”.
2020 – This year Nicola continues with her quest to make working with hair extensions Easi. So far it has seen the launch of the Hair Made Easi Pliers and Razor. Both have been designed to speed up the hair extension application process. And throughout the summer we are so proud to have launched the Hair Made Easi Refit Rack, the Easiclaw and the Easitapes

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Hair Made Easi Ltd.

Easiweft - The extensions holder

How would you like to earn 25% more revenue and feel more relaxed and organised when fitting hair extensions? The Easiweft is our signature, revolutionary hair extension holder for salons and for use at home! It is used to hold wefts, tapes and clip-ins making life with hair extensions so much easier. An absolute must for all hair extensionist tool kits - Where do you hold your clients hair when fitting? Does it sit on top of your trolley, constantly getting tangled in your tools or sliding off onto the floor? Or, do you ask your client to pass her hair to you and find yourself getting stressed as your client never quite gets it right. Using the Easiweft, you can relax knowing the hair extensions you are about to fit are sat safely and securely on your work station. Its that Easi! For Perfect Hair Extensions at Home - The Easiweft is the revolutionary hair extension holder that enables you to wash, dry, style and store your hair with ease! It minimises knotting and tangling, prolongs the life of hair extensions and gives you the ideal place for storing your hair extensions when they are not being worn. Easi! Made In The UK by Hair Made Easi
Hair Made Easi Ltd.

Easibond - The pro extension holder

How would you like to earn 25% more revenue and feel more relaxed when fitting hair extensions? Well the Hair Made Easi Easibond does exactly that! Designed to - speed up fitting time by 30 minutes to 1 hour makes salon life so much easier by keeping you organised throughout each fitting makes fitting less stressful The Easibond is rapidly becoming the worlds favourite hair extension holder for thousands of salons! An absolute must for all hair extension tool kits
Hair Made Easi Ltd.

Refit rack

The Hair Made Easi Refit Rack has been designed to use when carrying out a refit with all individual and tape hair extensions. It holds the hair as it is removed from the clients hair in the correct order, colour and length. The hair will then sit safely on the rack while you wash, cut and blow dry your client’s natural hair, ready to be re-applied. The Hair Made Easi Refit Rack is portable, sturdy and will save so much time and stress when carrying out a refit. The Refit Rack can also be used to hold tapes when re-taping and tips when re-tipping. MADE IN THE UK by Hair Made Easi Instructions Remove the hair extensions from the top section of the client’s head Place the hair on the bottom section of the Refit Rack As you work your way down the head removing the hair, place the hair extensions on the rack working upwards, one row at a time. Once all the hair extensions have been removed, you are now set to re-apply the hair extensions. Easi!
Hair Made Easi Ltd.

Easigrip - Hair Sectioning Pads (2 per pack)

These super strong velcro hair grip pads hold all of those fly-away, frizzy hairs out of the way. An absolute must for all hairdressers tool kits! Benefits Easi to clean Reusable Easi to use Holds unruly, frizzy, flyaway hairs Used when cutting short hair with clippers Perfect when applying make/up or cleansing. How to use - Simply slide in at the section line and push upwards. To remove slide upwards towards the ends of the hair. Easi! MADE IN THE UK by Hair Made Easi

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