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Decorative handmade jellyfish with live Tillandsia air plants

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Jelly Baby Plants

Jellyfish air plants

Handmade decorative jellyfish with live Tillandsia air plant Jelly Baby's plants are in a variety of types and size (roughly between 5-20cm) Sizes will vary and are worked out based on the size of the plant as well as the size of the head. Select Small, Medium or Large The plant type will be randomly selected unless a preference is specified Care: Air plants like bright, indirect light and need regular moisture. Bright kitchens or bathrooms are the ideal habitat for your new jellybaby but they can thrive in most places. They will need regular misting and will also enjoy a regular bromeliad fertiliser. Most types of air plant will flower at some point in their lifetime, if they are well looked after, they may also produce pups. Air plants can be groomed as needed without any impact on the plant. Feel free to message with any questions or requests.

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