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An incomprehensible 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste has – thus far – been produced by the human population of the world.  We reap what we sow!
We have no-one to blame but ourselves.  Each and every one of us has a duty of care to our planet.  We all need to change our shopping habits.  If each and every one of us makes a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic we purchase, then cumulatively we can make a difference. For these reasons I decided I had to do “my little bit” for the planet and swapped my existing commercial plastic shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers with home-made shampoo bars.   No more nasty chemicals entering my body or the environment when washed out down the drain.  I had great results and my hair looked and felt so much more healthy.  I hope to encourage as many people as possible to do their “little bit” too.  Please give them a go.  Your hair and the planet will be forever grateful.
I also sell handmade bathroom accessories such as shower puffs, soap savers and face cloths.

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Kitime Creations

3 in 1 Shampoo&Conditioner/Soap Bars

These shampoo & conditioner/soap bars are free from sulfates and parabens and have not been tested on animals.  They are vegetable based and contain aloe vera leaf juice.  They produce an excellent lather, which washes out squeaky clean, and at the same time, due to their very high glycerine content, they moisturise the hair/skin. They are suitable for all hair types and are available in lots of different fragrances. Made to order with FREE UK postage for orders over £10. Save 10% on your first order by using coupon code FIRST10.
Kitime Creations

Handcrafted Bathroom Accessories

Made from 100% cotton yarn, these shower puffs, soap savers and face cloths come in a range of colours to match any bathroom. Hand-crocheted by Naomi at Kitime Creations. More items are added as they are made.

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