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“To put it quite simply, La Storia is not just another Italian restaurant… Italian cuisine today bears little resemblance to the food I have grown up eating in my Nonna’s kitchen, or to the food I eat whilst on holiday in Accettura, the village in the South of Italy that my grandparents emigrated from in the 1950s.”

We are a family-run restaurant in West Bridgford, Nottingham with a passion for freshly prepared, home-cooked style meals straight from the heart of Italy. Our roots are in the South but with our ever-changing menu, we try to draw inspiration from all over Italy and combine it with our local English setting, pairing classic ingredients and flavours with authentic Italian wine and other drinks. We look forward to meeting you. Ciao!

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Luxury Mother’s day Hamper

“SWEET TREATS” PROSECCO MOTHERS DAY HAMPER What’s included: Prosecco Frizzante Anno Domini 47 – North East Italy. A pure, clean, elegant bouquet with an excellent fruity and floral note. On the palate pleasant sweet and sour sensations are well supported by a final tanginess. Vegan and Organic. 75cl. Ba⁣⁣ci di Dama Cookies – Buttery hazelnut cookies sandwiched together with a dollop of dark chocolate. They are very delicate and have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is quite addictive! Baci di dama are cookies typical of Piedmont, in the northwest of Italy, known for their sought-after DOP hazelnuts. Gianduja chocolates – A mix of Caffarel Gianduia and Vergani Gianduiotti hazelnut chocolates. First invented in the city of Turin.⁣⁣ Angel Cherub candle – Handmade by local independent business Svie⁣⁣sa. Hand-poured with 100% natural biodegradable waxes. 2 heart biscuits – Baked and personalised by Fondant + Flair independent business. 1 biscuit will read ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ unless you’d like otherwise. You can opt for the recipients name, or perhaps a ‘happy birthday’ if you’re considering purchasing as a birthday gift. (Biscuits will have 1 week expiry from collection/delivery) Price: £45

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