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I’m on a mission to prove a point, that we don’t need to keep cutting down trees in order to have nice furniture, when there’s plenty of “scrap” “surplus” “firewood” that’s already in circulation and local to us and despite its label is still good quality wood.
My passion is to bring new life into the old and unwanted and in turn creating something beautiful.
All my pieces are made from 100% reclaimed materials, I never ever buy new wood, everything is found.

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Leymans Workshop

Charcoal Storage box, coffee table

Large coffee table or storage chest or shoe bench or really, whatever you want it to be! (I won’t judge). Like all my pieces, it’s made from 100% reclaimed materials. The sides are made from old wooden kitchen doors and the top and base is made from pallets. Constructed using dowels, glue, and screws. Painted in a matt charcoal with a high sheen wooden top The top and bottom panels have been dowelled and glued together. (I’m not a fan of batons and screws!) Width: 73cm Height: 56cm Length: 71cm
Leymans Workshop

Tool caddy

I currently have two tool caddies in stock. (One blue, and one yellow. ) Both caddies are the same size (see dimensions below) The caddies are made from pallets and a curtain pole. Constructed with screws and glue, stained, painted and varnished. L: 46.5cm (Internal length: 42.5cm) W: 28cm (Internal width: 11cm x 2) H: 22cm
Leymans Workshop

Small Hexagon Coffee Table

Here is a cute little hexagon coffee table that I have handmade all from scratch. All wooden parts have been constructed from reclaimed pallet components. The poles/tubes are made from clean off-cuts of PVC pipe. The top and bottom panels have been dowelled and glued together. (I’m not a fan of batons and screws!) It has a diameter of 66cm at its widest point, and a diameter of 57cm at its smallest point. Height: 46cm (Height from the bottom shelf to the top: 40cm)

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