We are a small family run business located in the North East of England and specialise in quality tableware and feeding products for babies and young children.
All of our products have been carefully designed and selected to fit perfectly into family life. Suitable from the first stages of weaning and throughout little one’s journey to becoming a more confident eater, our products are designed to promote independence when feeding and also help reduce the mess that may come with that.
All of our products are made up of 100% food safe silicone and this is why…
Safe – unlike plastic it is free from petroleum-based chemicals, BPA, BPS, or fillers
Easy to clean – our products can be wiped clean, hand washed or put in the dishwasher
Hygienic – due to the non-porous surface it is unable to harbour bacteria and mould and is both odour and stain resistant
Appliance friendly – safe to use in the microwave, oven and freezer
Durable – doesn’t break, harden, crack, rot or become brittle
Eco-friendly – because of its durability it can be used again and again without the need to replace

All of our products that we sell at MUNCH we use and love ourselves. We believe in selling the best quality and practical products, which make everyday family living that little bit easier.

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Scoop Bowl set

From first tastes through to mini meals our Scoop Bowl set is perfect for both spoon-feeding and self-feeding. The ergonomic design of this bowl allows for ease when spoon feeding and when your little one begins to explore food for themselves. The non-slip suction base sticks to almost any smooth surface making it a perfect bowl for baby led weaning. This bowl is incredibly neat and stylish and due to the nature of the material durable and hard wearing. This bowl comes with matching silicone spoon. The soft silicone tip on both of our spoons are gentle on tender gums yet sturdy against teeth and chewing. The flexibility of the tip makes it easy to scoop up food at any angle, whilst the handle is designed in shape to encourage your little one to hold it for themselves.

Divider Plate

Our Divider Plates are perfect for mini-meals or serving up a midday snack. Made from 100% food safe silicone they are strong and sturdy, yet soft to the touch making them the perfect dish for little hands. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe making them extremely practical and perfect for a busy family home. Designed with little people in mind the flat edge of these plates brings food closer to your little one than a standard plate making meal times easier and encouraging independent feeding. With a 3 section divide, these plates allow for food separation making them perfect for those fussy feeders or if you are simply beginning to introduce the concept of food groups. The full silicone non-slip base keeps the plate in one place whilst your little one enjoys their meal.

Snack Cups

Designed to allow little hands to get in without snacks spilling out, our Snack Cups are the perfect snack storage solution. Made from 100% food safe silicone they are soft to touch, lightweight and easy to clean. They can be used both expanded or collapsed making them perfect to store both small and larger snacks and also come with a dust proof lid to keep food fresh. The no-spill design and large easy grip handle means less mess whilst encouraging learning through independent feeding. In the choice of 4 attractive colours these cups are not only very practical but stylish too.

Feeding Set

First Time Foodie Set includes a Scoop Bowl, Silicone Spoon, Pocket Bib and set of Baby Diggers in a choice of 6 colours. Made from 100% food safe silicone and in the choice of a selection of gorgeous colours this set will provide you with everything you need to get started whichever method of weaning your choose. The ergonomic design of the Scoop Bowl allows for ease when spoon feeding and the non-slip suction base sticks to almost any smooth surface making it a perfect bowl for baby led weaning. The Silicone Spoon is soft and gentle on tender gums and the flexibility of the tip makes it easy to scoop up food at any angle. Our Baby Diggers mini utensils are specifically designed to be easily grasped by little hands helping to introduce the concept of self-feeding by developing fine motor skills and coordination. They also feature a choke guard to ensure little ones are kept safe during meal times. They are soft on gums but can also withstand chewing making them perfect at doubling up as a teether! Finally, our Pocket Bibs are carefully designed with an adjustable neck fastener to fit snug to save clothes from spills and stains but ensure to remain comfortable for your little one throughout their meal or snack. The deep pocket helps to catch anything which may miss the mouth and keep it there until dinner is over.

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