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I grew up in a small seaside town in Devon and have spent most of my life living in various places around the world. Near enough every place I’ve stayed I’ve always been close enough to a shoreline!

I began searching for seaglass as a lockdown hobby, setting off armed with Tupperware and a wooly hat. Each time I would find a new and unique piece of glass, which eventually turned into a small collection of treasures.

Returning back to my current base I always brought my seaglass findings home with me. I decided to form my favourite pieces into necklaces, so wherever I travelled in the future I would always have a little piece of Devon with me.

Turning these pieces into jewellery has given me lots of joy and I hope they bring as much happiness in their new home!

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Salty Starfish Seaglass

Seaglass Earrings

Sterling silver endless 30mm hoops with seaglass collected from Hele Bay beach
Salty Starfish Seaglass

Seaglass Wire Wrapped Pendant

Teal seaglass pendant collected from Hele Bay Beach Ilfracombe. Wrapped with sterling silver recycled ECO silver and hung on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

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