About Slimming Treats by Zoe

Treat boxes and snacks that are healthier options for people who are trying to loose weight or just eat healthier.

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Slimming Treats by Zoe

Slimming snack box

Slimming snack boxes πŸ’–β™₯️ Β£10 each Each box contains 1 fiber one bar 1 can of sugar free drink 1 low calorie jelly 1 bag of slimming friendly crisps 1 bag of slimming friendly popcorn 1 pack of slimming friendly biscuits 1 options light hot chocolate sachet 1 slimming friendly chocolate 2 alpine light bars 1 slimming friendly sweet treat Flavours will vary box to box but I can work to accommodate where possible. Perfect for a cozy night in watching the telly or movie night at home so you can snack to your hearts content knowing that you are having healthier choices. 🍿🎞🍿 Free delivery to local area outside of that will incite a delivery fee. πŸš—πŸš™
Slimming Treats by Zoe

Slimming snack bag

New !! Snack Bags Β£3.50 Each bag has 1 hot chocolate 1 Alpen light bar 1 sweet 1 chocolate 1 biscuits

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