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I make cool, beautiful things so that I can buy awesome tools to make even cooler awesome things. I use a forge, foundry, CNC, laser cutting and etching, 3D printing and various other techniques.

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Copper, brass or mixed metal roses by Steamwerks. Handmade on the Northumberland coast

A hand beaten rose with petals of copper, brass or both. These are made on my anvil in my little workshop on the Northumbrian coast. A perfect forever gift that will age and patina over time, and will forever look beautiful. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or "Just because". Each petal is hand cut, and the detail added by hand on my anvil. Then the petals are fixed to the stem using a gas welding torch, and then each petal is individually formed to shape. Because each is hand made and the workflow is organic, no two are the same. These can be custom made to order, please contact me directly if you spot something in the old photographs you like, or if you have some ideas for something special.

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