About Sweet dreams- letterbox sweets

Sweet dreams – letter box sweets , we pride ourselves on knowing the sweet business inside out, we don’t just go and buy sweets and hope for the best , we extensively try every type and pick the best for our business because at the end of the day we want our customers to have the best experience possible.

Our prices are very competitive and we have a price that will suit every pocket from an occasional nibbler to a sweetaholic !
An ideal gift for mothers day, Easter or just because you fancy some !

Price list – ( choose softies , sour and fizzy or a mix of both ) plus some chocolates also added .
Every box is made FRESH to order.

400g of sweets £4.25

500g of sweets box £5

1kg of sweets £9.50

We currently have over 20 different variety of sweets with new ones coming in all the time. We cater for both vegan and vegetarian as well ❤

We are delighted to say we can prep and send all your goodies the same day 😀

All of our packaging is 100% recycled ♻️

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Sweet dreams- letterbox sweets

500g of mixed fizzy and softie sweets

In the bag you will get a lovely mix of softies, sours , chocolate and foams . This is perfect for 2 adults to share( if you really want to )
Sweet dreams- letterbox sweets

1kg bag of mixed sour,softies ,chocolate and foams sweets

A big bag of mixed sweets , ideal for a treat for the family . Consisting of every type of sweet in stock,the 1kg box really is a winner .
Sweet dreams- letterbox sweets

2kg box of mixed sweets including- sour,fizzy, chocolate and foams .

Why not go the whole hog and buy a huge 2kg box of the most delicious sweets , ideal for a large family.
Sweet dreams- letterbox sweets

500g stunning VEGAN sweets

A beautiful 1kg bag of VEGAN sweets , perfect to share .

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