About The Portsmouth Distillery

The Portsmouth Distillery Co. is a premium artisan spirit producer. We were established in 2018 and have our home in the fabulous eighteenth century Bastian of Fort Cumberland. Located on Eastney Point on the southeastern tip of Portsea Island – Surrounded by the Sea and Centuries of naval history.
We produce a range of spirits for your enjoyment. Buy through our online shop, in person at the Fort or at one of the many events we’re exhibiting at.
Fort Gin – 2019 IWSC Bronze Medal. Locally foraged botanicals include Elderflower, Gorse Flowers and Sea Radish (Raphanus maritimus).
Tudor Gin – Our latest product, launched June 2020. Botanicals from a recipe found on the Mary Rose including cherry, hemp seed, dandelion and hazlenuts. A donation from each bottle sold goes to the Mary Rose Trust.
1968 White Rum. Made from Sugar Cane syrup, producing a more aromatic flavour.
Cinnabar Spiced Rum – launched April 2019. Winner of Craft Botanical Spirit, Spirit Expo 2019 and IWSC Bronze in 2020. Named after the red and black coloured Cinnabar moth found at the Fort.
Forum – “Garden Rum” flavoured with five botanicals, this is a cross over between Rum and Gin.
Fort Cyder – small batch hand picked Hampshire apples make our Cyder. Next batch now available.
Aged Rum – we’ve begun to lay down batches of our 1968 to age in oak barrels. Available in mid-2022.
We’re passionate about the artisan spirit movement and giving Portsmouth it’s own distillery for the first time in hundreds of years.

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The Portsmouth Distillery

Fort Gin

Portsmouth Dry Gin awarded a IWSC Bronze Medal for Gin – Contemporary styles in 2019. Locally foraged botanicals include Elderflower, Gorse Flowers and Sea Radish. This intricate mix produces a rich full flavour, with a lovely floral bouquet. It’s silky smooth on the palate leaving you with a warmth as you swallow. Best served in a G&T with lime. Tasting notes: Nose: Soft juniper, citrus and cream floral, honey, spice and salinity. Palate: Silky smooth, clean with sweet orange. complex spice, pepper, corriander. Finish: Lingering dry and warmth with lime and subtle floral notes. Fill up Friday – we offer a fill up service each Friday saving you money, re-using your bottle and doing our bit for the planet
The Portsmouth Distillery

Tudor Gin

Tudor Gin is a fine gin created using botanicals found on the wreck of Henry VIII’s Flagship, Mary Rose. These include: Dandelion, Hazelnut, Hemp seeds and Cherry which combine to give a smooth, rich, dry gin complete with a burst of cherry. With every bottle sold a generous contribution goes to the Mary Rose Trust, thereby helping to ensure the future of this important project.
The Portsmouth Distillery

1968 Rum

Unaged white Rum made from sugar cane producing a more aromatic flavour. After many years of drinking Rums from all over the world, and running The Rum Club, we have built up a very keen understanding of what makes a good Rum. 1968 is the result. A deliberate mix of different types and styles of Rum, using fine sugar cane from Central America, instead of molasses, to produce a sweet, flavoursome spirit. Tasting notes: Rich bouquet of ripe bananas and delicious dried fruit. Smooth enough to just drink on ice. Floral enough to make a fabulous Daquiri, T-Punch or rock a Mojito
The Portsmouth Distillery

Cinnabar Spiced Rum

Cinnabar is a lightly spiced Rum, winner of Best Botanical Spirit at the Craft Distillers Expo, London, 2019. Winning the International Wines and Spirits Competition with a Bronze award in 2020. Winning the The Craft Distilling Expo Spiced Rum of the year 2020. Based on 1968 Rum, spiced with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, Szechuan pepper and orange peel. Sweetened with Costa Rican sugar syrup and a hint of vanilla added prior to bottling, for a delicately flavoured and beautifully clear spirit. Named after the Cinnabar moth which also calls Fort Cumberland home.

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