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I am Damien Devereux and Visionless Designs is my company. I specialise in making rustic softwood and hardwood furniture, both for indoor and outdoor use. All my products are constructed of kiln dried timber sourced from sustainable woodlands, and I strive to work with the natural shapes present in the wood. I operate out of Wrexham, North Wales, UK.

I lost my eyesight in 2013. I was formerly a forester and spent my time cutting trees down before cutting them up. After losing my eyesight, I decided to make the most of my expertise with wood and became a carpenter.

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Log Ring Stool/Table/Stand

These rustic live edge stools are made by Damien Devereux who is registered blind. All products are made from kiln dried timber sourced from a 100% sustainable local woodland. These large log ring stools are great for multiple different things. Some people use them as a seat, a coffee or bedside table, a small fairy table for toddlers or a decorative stand for plants or displays. They are tripods so they will sit nicely on any surface regardless of if it is even or not. The log ring used is Western Hemlock which doesn’t grow uniform so each stool will have its own unique shape and character. The bark may or may not be attached as it usually will have come loose during preperation/drying process. The legs are made from peeled whitewood poles and still retain some of the bumps and dimples from the trees natural form. Due to the shape of the log rings used it is hard to put an exact dimension on the stools, therefore the drop down options are approximate and if you require a specific width or height please request this when ordering. Stool sizes are based on height x minimum diameter. All stools come with external grade danish oil applied.

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