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A maker in the waiting
For years I have run my own business mainly in the plumbing and heating industry.

I have spent the last eight years completely refurbishing a property in North Yorkshire which is within sight of the famous Castle Howard, situated just outside the lovely City of York, my hometown.

Many people have said to me what are you going to do when you get the house finished, you will be bored, I don’t think so!!!!!

Well apart from a vintage Massey Ferguson tractor and Land Rover to restore I have a love of making things from wood, this is where I have finally been able to concentrate on the hobby that I am so passionate about.

Having been a plumber for 35 years the chance to make things out of copper, brass and steel really appealed and this led to the addition of wood and what I really enjoy is the introduction of resin. This was initially interacting the resin with wooden projects but is now so interesting is the introduction of obscure materials into the beautiful colours that can be created with introducing dyes into the resin.

Watch this space as there are far more interesting projects to come out the Welburn Woodcrafts workshop!!!!!


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Welburn Woodcrafts

Gillette Mach3/Venus handmade razor handle

This is a multiisex Handmade Razor Handle using high quality Chrome fittings, gorgeous vibrant ‘Golden’ swirl acrylic handle. The material used for the handle is unique as it resin cast in a mould made by myself and then turned on a lathe to create the shape and then polished to a high gloss finish using a 30 stage process. This razor handle will last for many years if cared for properly, although fully waterproof I recommend you dry the handle after every use The handle is shaped so it fits nicely in your hand, perfectly balanced for ease of shaving. - Perfectly shaped and balanced for an exceptional shaving experience. - Accepts the popular Gillette Mach 3 or Gillette Venus cartridges. - The razor handle will come in a quality card gift box. - The handle shown in the pictures is the actual one for sale. - All of my items are individually hand made. Each one is unique. Unfortunately, the price is for the razor handle only, the woodturning chisel and stand are not included in the price. Custom Orders: If you'd like to order a variation of this handle with different resin or fittings, please contact me. The alterative metal finishes are gold and gunmetal. - Please note, NO BLADES are included with the razor handle, due to postage regulations I am unable to supply a blade.
Welburn Woodcrafts

Copper razor Stand

Handmade Copper Razor Holder Shaving Stand Holds a single razor elegantly and effortlessly! This comes with a 22mm Tee (known as a No.25 in the Plumbing Industry) piece. It can be made with a 15mm Tee (a No.24) for handles with a smaller diameter. The base is of a solid cast metal so the stand is extremely stable. I can create this item in any custom size required. Just contact me and I will be more than happy to provide you with a custom listing with no obligation to purchase I am a Plumber by trade and love seeing the materials that I use for my work now been used to create items to be used for other purposes that for carrying water or gas. Copper is so nice in colour, both in its newly polished colour and in it's brown colour that comes naturally as it tarnishes with age . All of my items are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, and each one is handmade with care and detail in my workshop in North Yorkshire very close to the famous stately home, Castle Howard. From the items inception to packaging off for delivery to you I carefully and uniquely craft each piece to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. We appreciate that copper tarnishes with age, and that you may wish to retain the polished finish. The copper can quickly and easily be returned to it's former glory by polishing with Brasso. The fittings are jointed using a solderless jointing compound that is used within the trade for situations where the client does not wish to see any solder. If you would prefer to have an item made with soldered fittings then, again, please contact me and I will see what I can do. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have or make a request for an item to be made. Matthew WELBURN WOODCRAFTS
Welburn Woodcrafts

Wine Bottle Stopper made with resin and wine corks

RESIN WINE BOTTLE STOPPER This is a chrome wine bottle stopper in chrome with a unique handle, hand made by myself in coloured resin. The material used for the handle is unique as it is resin, cast in a mould made by myself and then turned on a lathe to create the shape that I end up with and then polished to a high gloss finish using a 20 stage process. The colour of the handle is unique as it is a mixture of colours mixed by myself as a ‘one off’ so no two stoppers are ever the same. I have personally sourced the highest quality kits for all my projects. This one that is for sale is 120cm in length and the handle is an extremely nice vibrant red colour with wine bottle corks set into the resin. Unfortunately, the price is for the bottle stopper only, the wine glass, wine bottle, corkscrew and stand are not included in the price.
Welburn Woodcrafts

Handmade pen using Meranti wood

Beautiful Meranti Wood ball point pen with polished Gun Metal accents hand made in North Yorkshire . Supplied with a soft velvet pouch . Refillable with a standard Cross refill. Meranti is a durable and exotic wood grown in South East Asia All pens are made individually by myself so no two are the same. A luxury high gloss finish is achieved using a 20 stage process. I make sure that the wood used for my projects is of the highest quality and the kits I use have been sourced to ensure they are also the highest quality. 'Slim' style with enough weight and balance to feel comfortable in the hand when writing. The twist action is reassuringly smooth, exactly what you expect from a luxury handmade pen. These pens would make an elegant gift or just treat yourself. Each wooden pen comes with a free velvet presentation sleeve available in 5 colours (black, brown, red, pink & blue). Alternatively the pen can be delivered in a black or brown presentation box. The price is for the pen, unfortunately the woodturning chisel or stand are not included. These pens can be made specifically to you requirements so if you would prefer a pen kit with either a gold, silverl, copper, black, green, red or blue finish please contact me and I can make one to order ( subject to materials been available). Product Specification: Ink: Black Rollerball Delivery free by Royal Mail 1st class to Uk

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