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The process of changing a radiator, need not be confusing or expensive! Yorkshire Radiators supply high quality, beautifully finished, modern radiators, all at affordable prices.
No longer do you have to choose the everyday ‘white box’ type panel radiator: Our products are a modern, cost-effective alternative, that will immediately improve and add value to any room in the house!
Our simple, easy-to-chose range comes not only in standard Gloss White, but also in a modern Black Anthracite, a Sandstone Sparkle, and a light Grey Metallic Sparkle. (This breadth of colour finish is unique to us!)
All radiators are double panel which makes for high heat output. They are supplied with fitting instructions, brackets and a 5-year guarantee!
Radiators are notoriously difficult to transport. As such, we offer a personalised, timed, in-house delivery service, which apart from drastically cutting down on potential damage, makes for a pleasant customer experience!
Why not get in touch: We also offer free independent advice on all aspects of choosing, swapping, or installing radiators. We would be happy to pay you a site visit in our Show Van to offer you help if needed or to show you our products and their quality of finish.

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Yorkshire Radiators

Kingstone Vertical Double Radiator (1800h x 452w)

The Kingstone Vertical Radiator is 1800mm x 452mm (h x w) is ideal where horizontal wall space is limited, yet a high heat output is required. Beautifully finished in black anthracite and Grey metallic, it is stunning addition to the look and feel to any room. They are supplied with fitting instructions, brackets and a 5-year guarantee!
Yorkshire Radiators

Malton Horizontal Double Radiator (600h x 1212w)

The Malton Horizontal Double Radiator at 600mm high and 1212 mm wide is a beautiful, modern radiator that not only looks like a showpiece, but also offers great heat output! (4700 BTU's) It comes perfectly finished in a modern metallic Black Anthracite, a Sandstone Sparkle, a light Grey Metallic Sparkle, as well as a Gloss White. It has a horizontal width of 1.2m's means it is very versatile and can be fitted in all areas of the house. It comes supplied with fitting instructions, brackets and a 5-year guarantee!
Yorkshire Radiators

Harrogate Traditional Radiator 963mm x 677mm

The Harrogate Traditional Standalone Radiator is 963mm x 677mm (h x w) and will bring respect to any room. We have combined the benefits of a high heat output internal radiator, with the practicality of a heated towel warmer bar that will keep no only towels warm and crisp, but the entire room too. It comes in a luxury gloss white finish with highly polished chrome exterior.
Yorkshire Radiators

Thames Towel Warmers in Standard and Electric

The Thames Range has proven to be a very well-priced, everyday Towel warmer range that is available for Central Heating, Dual Fuel, as well as in All Electric applications. Sizes come in heights of 800mm, 1200 and 1450 mm and widths between 400, 500 and 600 mm's respectively. Made from high quality steel and finished in polished chrome, it is the final compliment to any bathroom.

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