About Mum Dad and Baby

Mum Dad and Baby sell a large range of goods for Mums, Dads and Babies… and of course Grandparents, Children infact any age!
Specialising in Tools, Party Goods, Our Super selection of Mini Bath Bombs and Aromatheripy Oils and Amazing baby bits.
Mainly selling on-line we also are happy to have our local customers pop in and grab what they need.

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Mum Dad and Baby

Sock Ons

Sock Ons are a brilliant invention by a mother who was fed up with lost baby socks. The elastic design is worn over regular socks and keeps them firmly in place.
Mum Dad and Baby

Bath Pills / Marbles (Mini Bath Bombs)

The mini version of full-size bath fizzers are great for little treats as well as making pick-n-mix shopping great fun. Experiment by combining a selection of fragrances to make your own perfect bath-time blend. Run yourself a deep bath and drop 2 or 3 into the water. As they fizz they release their rich fragrance into the air.
Mum Dad and Baby

Confetti Canon - Super Large Party Poppers

Uses compressed air to shoot confetti in to the air. Make a big bang at your party today!
Mum Dad and Baby

Alkaline Batteries - AA or AAA - Huge pack of 40

Huge Pack of 40 x Alkaline AA or AAA Batteries ready for those power hungry devices

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