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We sell custom Pokemon and Trading cards related gifts. Mystery tins full of value, rare cards, custom gifts and more. Perfect for anyone who is interested in Anime, Collectibles and Trading Cards

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Pokemon Mystery Tin - Guaranteed Booster & Holos - Vintage cards Inc

These custom Pokemon Mystery Boxes come packed in a Galarian Mini Tin, packed full with holos, cards, a pokemon booster pack (at random) and more! A perfect little gift for collectors and for those wishing to open mystery boxes for Youtube videos! Packing them in a mini-tin adds more to your collection than just some cards and other items. In these Tins you will find a minimum of: - 1 x Booster Pack - 1 x Code Card - 2 Holo Rare Cards - 2 Reverse Holo Cards - A mixture of 15 other Pokemon Cards which include rares - A random Pokemon Related gifts - Pokemon Sticker - A Pokemon Coin - A VINTAGE Pokemon Card In some there will be more of these than others, but this is the minimum you will receive for your money. Cards inserted are from a variety of newer sets from XY, Sun & Moon and Sword & Shield Sets. Vintage Cards are from 2009 and earlier, with the vast majority being from the 1999-2001 era.
NerdsCustoms Store

Pokemon Card Holo Booster Packs - Seeded GX/V/EX etc

New Custom Made Reverse/Holo Pokemon Card Booster Packs! Fantastic gift for all pokemon card collectors and lovers. All cards are in good or NM condition, if not booster fresh. In each pack you will receive 11 Pokemon Cards that are Reverse Holo and above. In each pack you will recieve a minimum of 2 holo pokemon cards, the rest reverse holos or other. These custom pokemon card packs have been seeded to have the following rates (at a minimum): - 1:4 packs - GX/V/EX Pokemon Card - 1:8 packs - Full Art Trainer/Pokemon, VMAX, Rainbow Rare. - 1:20 packs - Holo God Pack - All cards are Holographic (not reverse holo) or better. There is also a 1:3 chance of the 1:8 pulls to be a vintage holo pokemon card. All the cards in each pack are from varying sets at complete random. For the seeded cards, these have been chosen from varying piles of each category and chosen via rolling a d20 dice - e.g rolling a 4/8/12/16/20 will choose the type, rolling a 4 again would be a GX/V/EX pack - two 20's would be a god pack.

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