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I am a ECO-FRIENDLY crafter
Hi everyone and welcome to my craft Market stall.
My name is Marieanne and I’m pleased to offer an assortment of crafting embellishments, to all you budding crafters out there! Card makers, Scrap Bookers, Sewing Quilting, Bespoke items made. Vinyl products. All things brother Scan Cut, and more.
Not enough craft shops where you live. Or you don’t have the time to go into town, and find they haven’t got it.
Well I hope that’s where i can help. My Market Stall & website is not like the normal online shop. None of my products come in fancy packaging, no hard plastic containers is used’ or unwanted bubble wrap/screwed or shredded up paper to fill up empty spaces in oversized boxes. All that you see are recycled items made into crafty elements to be used again. I am trying to keep it simple, so most things will be in the same price range, and qtys. there is also a craft club to join. ITS FREE. Other craft related items are for sale on website.

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Old 2 New Crafts

Brother Scan Cut & die cut designs

Designs can be cut from as small as 5mm up to 12″ x 12″ single design and up to 12″ x 24″ long design, so we have a huge rang to work with. Plus the Vinyl cutter can cut from 12″ wide up to 3 meters long’ perfect for decals or wall art & stencil designs. These usb’s contain folders of 1000s of pattern designs. They have unique one of a kind designs, when cut out they can make anything bespoke or just use as embellishments for whatever you have in mind to make with them. The possibilities for these designs are limitless.
Old 2 New Crafts

Crafters lucky Dip box.

Best buys are my Lucky Dip Boxes. 12x12 x2 All boxes will contain all sorts of things as the following; Ribbons, Embellishments, foil card/ embossed card/ toppers/ die cuts/ twine or cord/ pearl drops/ peel offs/ flowers/ leaves/ buttons/charms/pegs/card blanks/feathers. polymer stamps/ acetate. The list is endless. I promise you won’t be disappointed and I guarantee that you will buy again. If you are unsatisfied i will fully refund you in full plus the postage back.
Old 2 New Crafts


BESPOKE items. Ever liked a saying or a certain word and thought ‘that would look great on a T-shirt’, or ‘I’d love to have that in a frame’? How about a phrase printed on the wall? Well, now you can; just send me your idea and I will create it for you – a one-off, never to be used again (unless you give me permission). You can make it all happen. I see big potential in everyday things, and I care deeply about what we throw away every day. The thought of us slowly killing our world really upsets me’ so I am trying to do my bit by up-cycling and re-vamping unwanted articles, turning them into new bespoke objects’ items, you just can’t buy in the shops. I guarantee that each individual item is made with thought and love. New things will be added as-and-when I make them. I am open to any ideas you have; let’s work together on a project. In the meantime, check out some of my bespoke, hand-made creations om my website.
Old 2 New Crafts


HI all, this is my best page i think. Here is where memories can be made. How i hear you say. Well do you have an old dress that you no longer fit into or a child’s first baby grow that you just cant part with and it just sits in the bottom of a draw out of site. Well with Quilting that’s where it can be revived and re-loved every day. Oh NO i hear you squeal. Cant cut it up. But which is worse being left in a dark draw or on show to tell its story of its past. It can be a real talking point. I will also be selling quilting shapes kits for beginners. I have boxes full of materials, as i am not a shop my supplies will be one of a kind. But that is what quilting is all about. I don’t like to throw things out that i know can be used again on something. This way we can re-live our memories. I guarantee that each individual item you make will bring joy to you and whoever its for. keep a look out for my fabric deals.

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