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Clock1 Orbits24

A unique handmade clock featuring technology, kinetic art, and contemporary style The main focal point of Clock1 Orbits24 is a 24 hour face with a Sun and Moon design. The face is embellished with metallic effects of bronze, silver, and gold. The clock's movement is unconventional, using a separate drive for each hand. There are no meshed gears like a normal clock, instead each hand's drive, or "Orbit", moves a wheel in steps and that in turn connects to the hand via a delicate chain drive. Each Orbit uses a metal ball that appears to "free-fall" in a sweep around the outside edge of the Orbit cover, and on each sweep, it nudges the drive wheel forward. The second's Orbit ball sweeps continuously, slowing to a near stop at its upper edge then accelerating again over the top and around to complete a full rotation every second. As the minute advances, the second and minute Orbits sweep in synchronism. As the hour advances all three Orbits sweep in perfect unison.

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