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The Write Life is a writing agency founded by journalist, Rosanna McGlone, (The Guardian, The Independent and The Australian). We provide a variety of services, in particular the opportunity to have your memoir written in one of two ways: either through our a bespoke, individualised memoir writing service based on interviews with the subject; or through attendance on a Memoir Writing Course. If you are interested in either of these options, do please call me for a no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.
I also run a variety of workshops, offer editing services and- occasionally- a 1 – 1 mentoring programme providing support on longer projects.
Courses rotate on a ten weekly basis, so please speak to me, and join my mailing list if you have a particular course in mind which is not currently available.
Christmas gift certificates are available for all of our services and courses.
Please not that, currently, all of our services are only available online.

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The Write Life UK

Memoir Writing Course

This will be an exciting opportunity to learn how best to tell the story of who you are, where you are from and what has made you the person you have become. The aim of the course is to develop our understanding of the art of memoir and to explore our past through a series of guided exercises. This will enable us to gradually develop a series of incidents, week by week, which will form the basis of our memoir. Each session will have a different focus ranging from physically drawing a childhood location map as a literal aide memoire; to exploring how to deal with gaps in our memories, from where to begin to how to use imagery to make our stories more evocative. We will also be looking at motifs and recurring patterns, in order to weave our stories together into an evocative whole. My classes are highly interactive with a mix of pairs/ small group work and whole class input. The number is limited to 12 to enable me to give everyone individual attention. The cost for 10 two hour workshops (with a 10 minute break in each class) is £125. I am also taking expressions of interest for an evening course. Please see my website for feedback on my previous courses and to learn more about me. If you would like to know more, I'd be happy to speak with you on: 07570 480802.
The Write Life UK

Writing for Wellbeing

Feeling frazzled? Lockdown destroying your spirit? You are not alone. Why not write your troubles away? This therapeutic, online course will be the perfect start to the New Year. Together we will be uplifted through our exploration of positive words, both others and our own. Each of the 10 two hour workshops will begin by exploring some inspirational texts. This will then lead into a mixture of writing exercises ranging from poetry to song lyrics, journalling to haiku poetry. There will be the chance for small group activities using Zoom's breakout rooms, as well as whole class work. No writing experience is required, just a pen, paper and an open heart! Candles optional 🙂 £110 for the whole 10 week course. Numbers limited to 12. Why not make your commitment now? New Year, New Start? Or reserve a place for someone you love. If you'd like to know more, do give me a ring as I always think that talking to me will give you a good feel for the course. For details of my experience as a professional writer and workshop facilitator, please see my website. This also includes reviews of some of my previous writing courses.
The Write Life UK

Poetry Appreciation

The best way to write good poetry is to read good poetry. The aim of this course is to develop our critical faculties through exploring a variety of poems and poetic techniques. These will then enhance our own writing. Delivery will be online. All classes will include a mixture of pair/small group discussion exercises and whole class work. Each session will consist of two parts. In the first part of the class we will explore a particular form of poetry, for example a ballad or a sonnet. This will be done, initially, through guided questions. In the later stages of the course, skills will be taught on how to approach a poem and write literary criticism. In the second half of each class we will practise the techniques we have acquired, using them to improve our own writing. Techniques explored will include sound features, for example, assonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia; imagery including similes, metaphors and personification; rhyme, rhythm and meter; repetition, anaphora, enjambment and caesura. Finally, a choice of writing activities will be set. There will be an opportunity to share and to receive useful feedback, both from the tutor and from our peers. Themes will include love, loss, family, humour, prejudice, loneliness, old age and war. I am a published poet, short story writer, journalist and playwright.
The Write Life UK

Bespoke Memoir Writing Service

Do you know someone whose stories you would like to preserve for future generations? Or, perhaps, you yourself would like to tell the story of your life, of where you came from and what happened to you to make you the person you are today? Whether you are looking for a short overview of 5,000 words, captured in paperback, or a 40,000 hardback book we are able to talk you through the options and the process involved. More than talking, I am here to listen, both to your initial hopes and to your stories. When we have explored your options and settled on your specification, I will be able to tell you how many hours of interviews will be conducted in order to elicit the story of your/your friend's life. All interviews are currently being held online. I am a writer and freelance Arts Practitioner who loves writing and encouraging others to write. I have been a script reader for Hull Truck Theatre, a mentor for Writing East Midlands and a writer on attachment to New Perspectives Theatre Company in Nottingham. My own creative output is diverse. I am a published short story writer and poet. My monologues and short plays have been performed at London's Vault Festival, The Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts and Hull Truck. My first radio play was shortlisted by the BBC for The Alfred Bradley Bursary Award. As a freelance journalist, I have written for, amongst others: The Guardian, The Independent and The Sydney Morning Herald. I have also written non- fiction books for The Pontefract Press. Christmas gift certificates are available and may be paid for in- no interest -installments. Prices begin at £750. Please call me for a no obligation conversation to discuss your requirements on: 07570 480802.

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